Johan Frederik Christensen
det orginale tinglysningsdokument
Our history

Hos P. Lindberg Industri er vi meget stolte af vores historie

In 1855 the foundation was laid for what is our company today, and for our services and approach to production.

Anders Lindberg (1926-2001) was very interrested in genealogy.

P. Lindberg has been fortunate that his daughter, Unni Lindberg, has sent us material about our company's history. We appreciate this, and would therefore like to share it with you.

As the surname suggests, Unni and her father are related to the Lindberg family, after whom our company is named.

Johan Frederik Christensen

Johan Frederik Christensen was the founder of the first forge in 1855. Johan married Ane Kathrine Bjerrum, and they had 6 children. One of their children, Chrestine Marie, married Peter Povlsen Lindberg, who bought the smithy from Johan in 1888.

Peter Povlsen Lindberg bought the land in 1888. Peter Povlsen Lindberg paid 900 mark for the property, as well as the items listed below.


  • 1 litre of milk
  • 1/2 pound of butter
  • Free necessities
  • Necessary clothing


  • 1,5 barrels of rye
  • 1 barrel barley
  • 20 pounds of pork
  • 5.000 pieces of peat
P. Lindberg 1907

P. Lindberg 1907, Østergade 21 in Rødding, which they acquired in 1893.

P. Lindberg 1912

P. Lindberg 1912. Workers on our plot of land.

P. Lindberg 1923

P. Lindberg 1923. In 1920 the business was handed over to his son Poul Frederik Lindberg.

P. Lindberg 1926

P. Lindberg 1926. The picture shows the new workshop.

P. Lindberg Østergade

P. Lindberg 1930. Still at Østergade 21, but the thatched roof has been replaced with tiles, and windows have been added on the first floor. We have also installed a telephone.

P. Lindberg 1966

P. Lindberg 1966. The business is now located at Østergade 19-21, as the neighboring land was bought in 1940. The picture is from approx. a year before Peter Lindberg acquired the business from his father.


P. Lindberg A/S flyttede fra Rødding centrum til Industrivej 5 i 1996.

P. Lindberg hovedkontor

P. Lindberg divided into 2 companies:
P. Lindberg Industri A/S & P. Lindberg A/S who move to Vejen.


In the spring of 2022, we moved from Rødding to Gram.

P. Lindberg Industri 2022

P. Lindberg Industri A/S, Industrivej 15, 6510 Gram.

P. Lindberg Industri

P. Lindberg Industri A/S

P. Lindberg was founded in 1855 and has since developed from an agricultural smithy with local customers, to a modern specialty company with customers from all areas of the country - without us having lost the old craftsmanship qualities and virtues.

With that in mind, we carry out special tasks in all types of steel, aluminum and other metals, as well as industrial assembly in many industries.

Since 2020 Lars Hansen has been the sole owner of P. Lindberg Industri A/S. In 2022 we moved from Rødding to Gram, into new buildings.